Abu Omar Khorasani, the top commander of ISIS in Afghanistan, has had some harsh words for President-Elect Donald trump, calling him “a complete maniac” and said that having him in the White House “will make our job much easier,” their “job,” of course, being to spread fear across our western civilisation, which I must say they are succeeding at admirably.

Trump’s comments about ISIS have landed him in hot water before

Trump has caused controversy in the past with his comments about ISIS, Muslims, and Terrorism. Last November, he attracted criticism after the terrorist attack in Paris when he declared that, if elected President (which, in case you’ve been living under a rock, he has been), he would temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States until he could wrap his head around “what the hell was going on.” It’s worth mentioning, quite frankly, that politician who knew what he was doing would know what the hell was going on without banning an entire religion of people from his country.

Despite controversy, Trump has stuck by his intentions for this ban throughout his whole campaign, claiming that, contrary to the popular opinion that this ban is simply about discriminating against people of other religions, the decision is more about the “safety” of America, which sounds very much like a voter-pleasing excuse. It is easy to see that banning Muslims will keep ISIS out, however, it will also keep the ones who aren’t extremist out, the other 99.99% (which, by the way, is an actual statistic).

Trump being used as extremist propaganda symbol

Trump’s anti-Muslim ideologies are being used by Muslim extremist groups like ISIS as a propaganda tool for attracting in new recruits. They are using what Khorasani refers to as Trump’s “utter hate towards Muslims” to inspire other Muslims to join them in taking radical action against his government and against western civilisation.

Prolific Islamic State and ISIS supporter @alhlm200 posted the following tweet on, backing up Khorasani’s comments: “The dog Trump’s victory in the U.S. elections is a gold mine for Muslims not a setback if they know how to use it.”