Throughout the 2016 election cycle, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seemed like mortal enemies, forging a rivalry that would last well beyond the election and its resulting Presidency. But despite their fiercely competitive debates and swapping of harsh insults like “nasty woman,” it seems as though there is no bad blood between the pair, as Hillary will be attending Trump’s inauguration (though not in the capacity she was hoping to a few months ago).

She’ll be bringing her husband Bill, too

Hillary’s husband, former Democratic US President Bill Clinton, will be heading to Washington DC to attend the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Trump with her on 20 January, according to their aides.

The LA Times reports that it is the norm for ex-Presidents and their wives to attend Presidential inauguration ceremonies, however, this is a special case given how this ex-President’s wife lost the election to the President-elect whose inauguration it is, the first time in history this is the case for a former First Lady, so it was unclear whether or not Hillary would be attending the ceremony without confirmation.

The fact that Hillary Clinton will be in attendance is important for America, as the dominating political power over the country shifts from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, as her being there suggests a peaceful transition with no bad blood or ongoing feud.

Both Clintons have congratulated Trump on victory

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have offered their congratulations to Trump on his victory, showing that while he may be a sore winner, she is an incredibly gracious loser.

This is surprising given the insults they hurled at each other throughout the election campaign. Trump called Hillary a “bigot” (yes, that is the right way around), she said the KKK were Trump supporters, he said “shame on you” for that stupid email scandal, she called him prejudiced, he called her a liar, she called him a white nationalist, he called her a “fear-monger,” and the list goes on and on, so it’s surprising that she’s going to see him sworn into office and called to congratulate him on winning the election.

However, a spokesperson for Bill Clinton has said that neither he nor Hillary have said a word to Trump since.