Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, he’s been trying to get A-list celebrities to perform at his inauguration ceremony. He claims he’s not looking for A-list talent to be there, he’s looking for the people, but if the people were willing or good enough to perform at a Presidential inauguration, they wouldn’t be people, they’d be A-listers.

Liberal Hollywood hates Trump

The problem is that all the potential A-list inauguration talent live and interact with one another and found their political views within the borders of California, and California is one of the furthest left-wing states in the country.

They’re all in love with Obama and Hillary and JFK. Needless to say, they’re not the biggest fans of Trump, and all the biggest names in Music and comedy exist within this bracket.

Boris Epshteyn, director of the inauguration committee, went on CNN to announce on Tuesday morning in a pretty pathetic show that they are not, as it is rumoured, having trouble finding talent to perform at the inauguration. The inauguration, by the way, is not just a high-profile gig. Performing at that inauguration is a show of support for Trump, and contrary to what Epshteyn is saying, you will have trouble finding a liberal Hollywood socialite who’s going to do that.

Epshteyn spoke to CNN about it

“This is not Woodstock,” Epshteyn told CNN as a way of trying to explain why Trump has yet to announce a kick-ass rockstar lineup for his inauguration ceremony consisting of the likes of AC/DC, Snoop Dogg and Michael Jackson’s hologram.

Or anybody, really. Actually, the hologram could work because we know Trump’s guys like manipulating things for their own gain with no regard for what’s right and wrong.

Epshteyn continued repeating that same point on CNN, the same way Trump himself tends to do. “It’s not Summer Jam. It’s not a concert. It’s not about the Celebrities – it’s about the people.” Right.

So, what we gather is that it’s not a concert, it’s an inauguration ceremony, and no celebrities want to be a part of it.

The current roster is pretty sad

The roster for the inauguration as it currently stands consists of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jackie Evancho, who is an opera singer and is 16 years old, and the Radio City Rockettes, who apparently don’t even want to perform at the ceremony.

Epshteyn claimed on CNN that he isn’t looking for A-list talent, but rather for “people.” Right. Which people, you ask? Well, people who like Trump and can boost his Presidency through, I don’t know, social media or something. But they’re getting desperate because everyone hates Trump and is therefore saying no. I think that even the people who voted for him have changed their minds by now. According to The Wrap, the committee is getting so desperate that they’re “willing to pay steep fees.” Also, according to two talent bookers, Trump offered them ambassadorships to get A-list performers for the inauguration ceremony.

In terms of the celebrities to come, Epshteyn promises, “We’ll absolutely be rolling more out.

No question about it.” He claimed the other people on the inauguration committee are “excited” about the rest. I mean, the current guys are so exciting as it is, so I can’t wait for the next ones they’re rolling out.

Idina Menzel had a ruthless comment about Trump

Idina Menzel has a merciless and hilarious suggestion for Trump as she doesn’t appear to be his biggest admirer. She told Vanity Fair that he might “just have to sing something himself” at the inauguration. “He probably thinks he has a great voice. He thinks he does everything great.” Menzel is responsible for “Let It Go” from “Frozen,” by the way, and she just took down the President and his sad, talentless inauguration ceremony.