Today is a big day of celebration for many people worldwide, as the US federal government has officially declared to refuse to issue the permit needed to run a pipeline under the Missouri river.That does not only mean that indigenous activists who have been demonstrating for months despite the cold and harsh weather and other challenges, have won a smashing victory, but also demonstrates what social media and uniting in nonviolent activism, prayers and coming together can accomplish.

Worldwide support for Standing Rock

Millions of people followed the activities of the Native Youth on Facebook and other social media platforms, who started the camp in Dakota- a project that ran all over the USA to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Those who could not be physically present supported the movement and the Standing Rock protests by donations, online campaigns and prayers.

Of course one has to be aware that no win is ever permanent and many people doubt that this is the end, but rather the beginning of an ongoing mission. However there are plenty of reasons to rejoice today and to celebrate the creation of a greater justice in the world. Special thanks of course goes to President Barack Obama who will now leave the White House as a great chief of America.

How will Trump influence the Standing Rock protests?

Donald Trump, of course, would be able to figure out a way to approve the pipeline right away. Luckily the Obama administration has done its best to make that difficult.

If Trump decides to do approve it nevertheless and aid his friends in the oil industry, he would have many people against him, which is one reason he may hesitate.

National Congress of American Indians President Brian Cladoosby said in a statement. "Our prayers have been answered. This isn't over, but it is enormously good news.

All tribal peoples have prayed from the beginning for a peaceful solution, and this puts us back on track."

It seems to be fully clear that there is still a lot of work to do and that we all are part of the movement, weather we are aware of it or not. With our daily decisions we chose to live in a more conscious way or to follow the 'Main stream'-way of life.

The most certain path to stopping future Standing Rocks is going to be an economic one, cause even if we can’t control investment into the oil industry, we, the people, can make it less financially attractive.