Trump did the impossible once again this Tuesday, but this time people made a choice that will have an impact andunthinkable globalconsequences. Donald trump is now the president of the United States, he won after an incredibly terrible ride full of political attacks and crazy debates.

The surprising outcome

Thisvictory is onethe most surprising in the modern history, and it was lead by a relevant amount of disdain of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Polls kept saying that she was going to win, but people clearly considered her inauthentic. Populism won once again.

There will be consequences, and there are already signs of this great change that is going to happen: this morning the Canada Immigration's website crashed. Apparently, lots of people are just eager to leave the U.S. "There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed," the message stated. It is a clear déjàvu of Brexit, isn't it?

In the aftermath of the Obama era, the U.S. seems to be a divided and an unsatisfied country. As a consequence of that, there is this strongerpolitical polarisation that caused this protest vote.Clinton was hoping to use strength of the "coalition" of multiracial Americans and young people, but it didn't work.Trump unexpectedlywon Florida, where polls said that Clinton had a slight advantage, he also won Ohio, North Carolina.

He managed to win Pennsylvania, the former Democratic stronghold,even succeeded in"conquering" Wisconsin. No Republican candidate had won since 1984.

Twitter Reactions

Lots of young people, as well as TV, Cinema, Music stars supported Hillary Clinton. Their reactions are heartbreaking: Cher doesn't want to stay in the U.S. anymore.

The Black Mirror Twitter account confirmed that it's not an episode of the dystopian show. Chris Evans stated that it's such an embarrassing night for America, and that Americans have let a hatemonger run the oval office.

Sophia Bush sympathises with all the young American gay,female or non-black peoplewho have now this new leader.Shonda Rhimes is outraged by the election of a possibly xenophobic candidate. Emilie de Ravin retweeted Trump's tweet that underlines his incoherence, Matt McGorry is scared that he is going to destroy the entire world.

There is a huge amount of outrage on the internet, but people voted for Trump. We will have to face this new political situation. This is called democracy: people vote and we have to accept the dangerous consequences of these latest odd and unthinkable choices. We have to keep trying on doing our own good and positive work.