The results of the #American Electionare dominating television broadcasts, and newspaperstoday. The shock result in the #American Election has left many stunned. Yet, it does beg the question as to why people are so surprised by the result? Across Europe there has been a backlash against mainstream Politics and politicians by the disenfranchised, and those who feel their representatives are out of touch.

American Election and Brexit

The result of the British referendum on whether to remain or leave the European Union should have been a warning shot across the Atlantic to our American cousins, Yet, American politicians appear to have believed they were farremoved from what happened in Britain, and the growing mood of discontent forming in Europe.

The #American Election result showshow deep a divide has developed between many governments and those who they are supposed to represent. However, it is hard to understand why those involved in the #American Election did not see this result are a real possibility, rather than it being highly unlikely?

Disenfranchised and forgotten.

One of the major talking points and issues that came to light before, during and more so after the British referendum vote, was how forgotten the British public felt by their members of parliament and government. They felt on the whole that their representative's were not taking into account any of the issues that were worrying them. Donald Trump was a keen observer of the Brexit outcome and was quick to wade in at key points along the campaign trail.

One can only assume that he and his team astutely watched interviews with members of the public regarding these key points of debate. It stands to reason that he would learn from Brexit, and then tap into those issues that had driven the fears of those who voted, and adapt these fears for in his debates during the #American Election.

Yet, prior to the #American Election there has never beentwo candidates seen as sounelectable. Nonetheless, Donald Trump was able to motive those who rarely, if ever voted, those who felt they had been forgotten about by politicians, and those who used their vote to protest against the 'status quo'.