In 2013 George Osborne embarked on a campaign to target the poorest and most vulnerable in society and throw what pennies he could find at the gaping holes in our dwindling economy. This method of attempting to fix the situation has not changed since then. The approach remains the same under the leadership of Theresa May, only the battleground upon which this war is waged, and the focal point of attack, differ. Osborne’s benefit caps in high rent areas of London seem ‘mild’ in comparison will May’s decimation of housing benefits nation-wide.

Starting next week, the cap for poor families in London will be reduced to £442 every 7 days, and £385 for those every else.

According to the Department for Work and Pensions, 88,000 families dotted throughout Britain will feel the effects of the slash. That is a soul-destroying 570,000 children who will now, in some cases, have as little as £1 a day with which to make ends meet.

All this come just 3 months into Theresa May’s term as Prime Minister. A term that, lest we forget, began with the aim ‘to make society fairer for all families’. A term that, also lest we forget, was awarded to Ms May via circumstance rather than votes.

You might think a Prime Minister with absolutely no mandate might wait a little while before making such a drastic move. But then, why would she? In the current political climate actions like this receive so little media coverage.

With everyone’s attention fixed firmly on the next instalment of their favourite soap or reality TV show the families who will be scrambling to keep the roof on over their heads as direct result of this cut will be forgotten. Our leaders have exploited ourpolitical apathy for too long and the only way to stop it is to get people talking about issues.

So, this short piece is really a plea. If this latest cut comes as new to you then please do all you can to spread the word. If more people were aware of the day-to-day goings on of Government, you can bet heartless action like this wouldn't be taken. Spread the word, then watch X-Factor. That's the order I do it anyway.