She made a formidable speech on Downing Street steps trying to display empathy with black people, white middle class, women and the people of Britain which the PM and Government represents. She quickly created her cabinet after hours of being in No. 10, displaying her aptitude to getting the job done. However, evidence from Prime Minister’s Questions may suggest she has put Britons in false pretences when ignoring six of the most prevalent worries on the national mind.

Theresa May’s humble upbringing seems to have made no difference to her political ideas, or her belittling of the opposition.

Watching PMQ's with a woman leader, for the first time since 1997 gave me little hope for the future of Britain.

'unscrupulous boss'

Although the opposition are in a bit of a sticky wicket due to the leadership battle occurring until September, the questions of importance were dismissed by Theresa, proclaiming Jeremy Corbyn as an “unscrupulous boss” when the Labour leader asked a question about workers” rights and unemployment.

In total, May avoided questions about the single market when asked by Sir Edward Leigh, quoting Boris Johnson “Brexit means Brexit”; whether Scotland was staying in the EU; the new Foreign Secretary’s racial slurs and how he would overcome this; and although she acknowledged the culpable act of honour killings did not fully answer what steps the government would do implement change, or stop the brutality.

Hoped to answer questions for 'many years to come'

In fairness, she has only been PM of the government for a very short period, and the answers to these questions may not be fully surfaced yet – although some intention for the leading lady, named the second “Iron Lady” may have eased some of the angst for British people nationwide.

After watching the 40-minute exchange I lost some hope in May as PM, although this is how it is going to stay for at least 4 years, until elections in 2020 – and like everyone, hope is needed at a time of such dismay and franticness. May’s development of the Brexit cabinet, and her negotiations already with Merkel and Hollande shows a glimmer of hope, even Johnson has been in talks with the USA about post-Brexit, when Article 50 is triggered.