The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

In the early morning of November 3rd, protestors were met by a militarized police force in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The citizens of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe were there in an attempt to protect their sacred land from the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). The DAPL is a $4 Billion oil pipeline that would threaten to destroy the water supply from the Missouri river. During the Protest, local law enforcement, and other agencies have assembled a militarized Police force along the protest line. They are armed with Riot gear, tear gas, rubber bullets, tasers, and tanks.

Unlawful Shots Fired

“I was standing innocently onshore, not making any aggressive gestures, never exchanging a single word with the police who fired at my lower back from their boat.”

During the protest, a young ambassador,Erin Schrode, was present and was interviewing a local about the protest and what they hoped to achieve. Midway through the interview gunfire can be heard and then the camera stumbles. Erin Schrode was shot with a rubber bullet by the police for what amounts to nothing more than being present at a protest. Video footage of the event has since gone viral on social media as hundred upon thousands of users across Twitter and Facebook have shared the footage and voiced their outrage over the incident.

After having received overwhelming support from the public in regards to the event, Erin Schrode made an official statement

"I do not wish to divert focus away from the bravery of the Water Protectors, from the power of nonviolent direct action, from the people fighting for their lives and for our futures – but I want you to witness the indiscriminate use of excessive force firsthand."

Recently in a statement by thespokeswomen for the Morton County Sheriff'sOffice said that they have no way to prove that Schrode was actually shot.

“We don’t even know if that’s even true,”spokeswoman Donnell Preskey said, “We’re not confirming that that’s even the case.”

The event is currently under investigation by the Morton County Sherriff's Office and we will continue to report the details as they are made available.