President Barack Obama has assured US allies that soon-to-be president Donald Trump will honour the countries international alliances and commitment to NATO. Mr Trump had often been critical of Nato during the presidential election campaign, calling it 'obsolete' and 'expensive', whilst praising the fierce Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Barack Obama spoke to reporters in the Whitehouse on Tuesday and said that Mr Trump has "expressed a great interest in maintaining the US commitment to Nato".

Obama continued: " I think that one of the most important functions I can serve at this stage during the trip is to let them know that there is no weakening of resolve when it comes to Americas commitment to maintaining a strong and robust Nato relationship and a recognition that those alliances aren't just good for Europe, they're good for the United States, and they're vital for the world".

Obama's last trip

Obama landed in Athens, Greece on Tuesday morning for the first stop of a week-long trip which will see him visit Germany and Peru.

Obama has been a fierce critic of Trump during the presidential campaign and had accused him of exploiting fear and being "woefully unprepared for the job. However, last week he had to welcome Trump to the Whitehouse, as he was determined to make the presidential transition peaceful and orderly. Obama said that he trusted that Trump would soon realise the gravity of the presidency. "I think the learning curve always continues", he said. "This is a remarkable job. It is like no other job on earth and it is a constant flow of information, challenges and issues".

Obama has in the past admitted that he is concerned about Trumps election victory because they have different opinions on many issues.

Donald Trumps surprise election victory has caused a lot of concern amongst world leaders, after a plethora of controversial statements he made during his election campaign. However Obama sought to calm the nerves and jitters among his fellow leaders, whilst still voicing his concerns. It is hoped Donald Trump will enter the Whitehouse in January 2017.