China has pleaded with Russia to rebuff the president of Taiwains' entry to the United States, as Donald Trump's conversation with Tsai Ing-wen continued to create disagreements between the two largest economies in the world. Thai's first female leader, who was elected in January of this year, is expected to fly out to the US on a three-country tour of Central America making stops at Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador. Although denied by a number of Trumps advisers, it has been speculated that Tsai Ing-wen will make a stop at New York and meet the president elect Donald Trump before his January 20th inauguration.

Secrets and phonecalls

Beijing have called upon the US to stop that meeting from happening. China had anticipated tat the United States would not "allow her transit" into the US and does not send any false signals to "Taiwan independence forces", according to a statement made by the foreign ministry to Reuters. It appears a spokesperson for the US state department has dismissed China's calls, observing that permitting Taiwanese leaders into the US was done as part of a "long-standing US practice" and was expected with the casual nature of the US relations with Taiwan. Chinas' calls come as it emerged that previous republican presidential nominee Bob Doyle potentially played a role in setting up the disputed 10-minute conversation between Trump and Tsai which has maddened Beijing.

Reports by The New York Times suggest that in the lead up to that phone call, Bob Doyle had spent six months working behind the scenes to build high level of contact between Taiwanese officials and Trump staff. Dole said that it was fair to say that "we may have had some influence", as quoted by the Wall Street Journal. It was alleged that Doles law firm Alston and Bird reportedly received US$140,000 from the Taipei economic and cultural representative office, which acts as an unofficial embassy in the US. Those disclosures fuelled renewed judgements of the way in which foreign affairs were being managed by the US president-elect.