Recently leaked emails shows that former US secretary of stateColin Powell accused Democratic presidential nomineeHillary Clinton of hubris while dismissing the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump as a national disgrace.

Powell warns Clinton’s staff from pulling him into her scandal

In the emails, Powell warns Clinton’s staff from involving him into her scandal. Clinton is accused of using a private email server when she was secretary of state. Powell says that Clinton should not compare his use of private email to her use of private email server.

Trump is an international pariah and a national disgrace, says Powell

According to the emails posted on DC Leaks’ website, the former secretary of state dismissed Donald Trump as an international pariah and a national disgrace. Powell says that Trump only appeals to poor white folks and the worst angels of GOP.

Clinton should tell the truth

Powell who served as the secretary of state from 2001 to 2005 acknowledged the leaked emails and said that they were authentic. He says that Hillary Clinton could have killed the scandal by being honest about what she had done rather than trying to pull him into her troubles.

Powell says that he had to raise a tantrum at the Apollo Hamptons 2016 party to get the attention of Clinton’s staff.

“Her staff have been trying to pin me to her use of the emails, I told them three times not to try that gambit,” Powell wrote referring to an interview he gave to People Magazine. “Clinton keeps tripping into these character minefields,” he said.

Clinton and her campaign staff have tried to compare Powell’s use of private email account during his tenure as secretary of state under President George W.

Bush to her use of a private server. The Democratic presidential nominee has stated that Powell had even recommended she use private email.

Powell did not recommend use of private email

Powell claims that he did not recommend the use of personal email to Clinton until a year after she began using a private server. In an email to Clinton, Powell demonstrated how he had used private email to avoid going through the State Department systems which hold the potential of becoming a public record.