It was in 1980 when Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan’s presidential debate racked in 80.6 million viewers setting a TV record of maximum number of viewers to watch a debate.

Now Trump and Hillary’s debate has broken the record with a whooping 86 million viewers.

Hillary Trump debate was viewed online too and that too in whooping numbers

The numbers considered are only for 13 US channels which leaves out a lot of other channels on which itfeatures thus one can imagine the real numbers which must be really really high. The online streaming numbers are a different count altogether where almost equal number of people watch the debate across the globe.

The data was provided by Nielsen and it is reported that the viewers watched the 98 minute debate more than any other debate till date. Though the numbers are extraordinary, one can expect this current record to be broken as well as there are 2 more debates pending before the election starts on 8th November 2016. The next debate is on 9th October 2016 where Trump and Hillary will debate for the to state their views while the last debate scheduled for 19th October 2016 will have Trump and Hillary fight for views against NFL game play between Green Bay Packers and New York Giants.

Trump and Hillary's fight continues

The debate was full of hard hitting statements and dialogues and the one which stood out was Hillary’s mention of Trump’s views on Miss Universe Ms Machado.

Hillary stated that Trump called the winner “Miss Piggy” post she gained weight in the beauty pageant owned by Trump. Post the debate Hillary even shared a video of Alicia Machado where she shared how Trump made her feel during the pageant.

Public Policy conducted a post debate survey amongst 1002 debate viewers in which 40% chose Trump as the winner while 51% chose Hillary as the winner of the debate while 9% did not have a clear cut winner decided.

Come November it will be really interesting to see how the votings turn out and who sits on the US Presidential throne.