Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton left the 9/11 memorial service hurriedly when she fell ill during the event. News of her hurried departure on the hot New York morning came at a time of intense campaigns pitting her against Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. The November 8 presidential elections are about 60 days away.

Clinton became dehydrated and overheated during the memorial service

According to her doctor, Clinton has been suffering from pneumonia. She became dehydrated and overheated during the 9/11 memorial service in New York on Sunday but is now recovering, her doctor said.

Footage of Clinton’s hurried departure from Ground Zero showed her stumbling and buckling as she stepped forward to get into her van. The video doing rounds on social sites seems to indicate that Clinton who was flanked by Secret Service agents had to be assisted to board her van.

As the memorial service at the site of the World Trade Center began, there was patchy sunlight and temperatures were about 26 degrees Celsius. However, high humidity made it feel much hotter at times.

Joe Crowley, a Democratic Representative and a staunch Clinton supporter who was at the event, says that it grew incredibly hot during the service. Crowley says that he is not surprised to hear that Clinton felt light-headed due to the stifling heat.

According to him, others were sweating through their shirts.

Clinton accused of hiding serious health issues

Clinton has generally enjoyed good health as an adult except for a clot in one leg in 1998. She also experienced a concussion and other health related complications due to a fall in December 2012. The fall led to brief hospitalization due to a blood clot in her head.

Details of her state were closely guarded by the State Department but eventually, they had to release information about her medical condition. Her critics often pick on this secrecy and accuse her of hiding serious health issues.

According to Rudy Giulani, the former mayor of New York and adviser to Donald Trump, Clinton looks sick and tired.

Giulani says that the media has conspired to hide information about Clinton’s health.

Last summer, her personal doctor released a memo pronouncing the candidate healthy. The memo written by Bardack, her physician, says that Clinton had no lasting effects from her concussion. In spite of these reassurances, some of her supporters and critics speculate that she may be too frail to be commander-in-chief.