Like Mother like son, they say. This holds true in case of Prince Harry, younger son of late Lady Diana, who is following the adulations just like how Princess of Wales used to enjoy, once. The prince has emerged as the most admired and followed member of the British monarchy.

His stay in Australia, where he was in a short duration attachment with the Australian Army was the most talked about tour. He was popular among young girls, who thronged to kiss him and send him marriage proposals. After landing in New Zealand, he is getting an equally hysterical reception from the young cheering crowd.

Prince Harry was given a traditional Maori welcome, as he landed in New Zealand for a week-long tour. He was met with the traditional Maori nose pressing welcome by a native beauty. Nose Pressing welcome, traditionally referred to as Hongi is an ancient style followed in most parts of New Zealand, where two people greet each other by pressing their nose and the forehead. This is also referred to as ancient warrior welcome performed by members of the country's armed forces.

The Prince who will soon visit United Kingdom, to meet his newly born niece Princess Charlotte has stopped in New Zealand for a month long training with the country's armed forces. In his trip, he will be meeting the army people, injured soldiers and also the aboriginal communities.

The royal member was greeted by John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister as he landed in Wellington. Maori visit will be an eventful one for the Prince as he looks forward to a game of rugby. He started out with addressing the Kiwi public, who had turned out in large numbers.

A few days back, Prince was greeted with similar warmth and fanfare in Australia.

He was also greeted by a girl now famous as 'wannabe royal bride', who openly asked the Prince to 'Marry her'. "This is your last chance," warned cheeky blonde in her proposal. A blushing Harry was greeted with a kiss, by the girl.

Prince Harry is gaining fame for his ever increasing common man appeal. His ever-smiling, charming persona had instantly brought him closer to the people in Australia.

The observation led to equating him with his mother, who too was one of the most popular members of the royalty and had enjoyed massive popularity worldwide. Till her end, Lady Diana enjoyed the sobriquet of 'Queen Of Hearts'.