It seems fortune is smiling on UKIP as tycoon and businessman Richard Desmond has donated one million pounds to the party.

Nigel Farage could not believe it and was seen with Richard Desmond, smiling from ear to ear and stated it would certainly help the party in its battle with the Conservatives and Labour who have bigger election machines than UKIP could ever hope to have at this moment in time.

Certainly the media still seems to be giving negative coverage to UKIP, and at the rally to launch UKIP's manifesto yesterday one reporter asked: "why there were no non-white faces in the manifesto", to which the few Black and Asian people present booed.

It seems the media is still trying to portray UKIP as a nicer version of the BNP, which is totally not factual. The media should instead be asking the party about the contents of the manifesto, which if you agree with it or not, is the finest and glossiest manifesto UKIP have launched ever since they came into being.

Mr Desmond, owner of the 'Daily Mail' and 'Sunday Express' newspapers, donated to UKIP last year giving them three hundred thousand pounds. Mr Desmond said he felt UKIP were on the side of the ordinary Brit and were not the elitist groups that the Conservatives and Labour had turned into, he went on to say that he felt UKIP would be there for those people who were struggling in life.

In 2001, Richard Desmond gave the Labour party a substantial amount of money but it would appear of late Mr Desmond has changed his political outlook.

Mr Farage will be taking part in BBC's political debate, not featuring David Cameron but with all the other party leaders taking part including Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib-Dems and Deputy Pm.

In view of how the last one went, which did feature David Cameron, it will be interesting to see how Nigel Farage does up against Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP who said she would stand up for English people as well at Westminster. Indeed many English people overloaded her inbox asking if they could vote for her. Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru has become something of a pin-up amongst male voters especially on Twitter, so Farage will be up against it tonight.

So however well UKIP and Farage do in the election, UKIP will be a party that will be around for a while to come yet.