Speaking on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show this morning, Nicola Sturgeon said that she knew she had to convince the English, even though they cannot vote SNP, that they were not only for there for Scottish interests but for the whole of the UK too.

Nicola Sturgeon highlighted particularly the north of England, saying she wanted to see considerable investment and re-balance across the UK and not make it so London-centric. In other words, there are other cities across the UK that mattered, not just London.

David Cameron speaking on the same show stated as he has done before, that any alliance between Labour and the SNP would be disastrous and would wreck the country.

 He went on to say that Scottish MPs sitting in Westminster after the general election should form a large bloc, might make out they have the interests of the whole of the UK at heart, but in reality Scotland would come first and the rest of the UK would suffer.

During the BBC political leaders debate which featured:  Ed Miliband, Natalie Bennet, Leanne Wood and Nicola Sturgeon plus Nigel Farage, the SNP's Sturgeon made an appeal to Ed Miliband that they should work together to keep David Cameron from going back to number 10. But Ed Miliband, however, was having none of it. Time and again he said he would not work with a party that wanted to break up the UK and because the SNP wish to not renew the UK's nuclear deterrent Trident, that was another reason he could not go into government with the SNP.

The Conservatives released a video some time back showing Alex Salmond at Westminister playing a flute and Ed Miliband dancing to it.  Another poster shows Nicola Sturgeon working Ed Miliband like a puppet. The narrative of these two images is clear: the SNP would help Miliband get into number 10 but in return he would have to bend to their will and give them what they wanted. 

Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls said he would build a firewall around any UK budget and not let the SNP interfere should he be the next Chancellor after the election, he also said Labour would not form a coalition in any form with the SNP.