Back in his former Sedgfield constituency at the podium with Mrs Blair and press in attendance, Tony Blair stated that the UK would be foolish to leave the UK and that David Cameron did not really want to leave the EU and he was bowing to pressure from Euro-sceptics in the Conservative party to hold a referendum, should the Conservatives be returned to power; and also he was running scared of Nigel Farage and UKIP.

Some time ago, Mr Blair was asked his opinion of present incumbent Labour leader Ed Miliband, Blair chose to answer the question not directly but instead said it would be up to the voters whether Miliband was walking over the door step of No 10.

Ed's brother David Miliband was Blair's anointed successor but lost out to his brother Ed in the Labour party leadership election to replace Gordon Brown. David Miliband was nearer, politically, to Tony Blair, especially with the new Labour project which probably would have survived had David emerged as leader; but with Ed being leader, the new Labour era was over as Ed appeared to move the Labour party more to the left and christened his tenure of leader of the Labour party 'one nation Labour'.

If Ed Miliband is Premier after May 7 then he will be the first Jew to be in No 10 since Benjamin Disraeli, though Disraeli was a Christian by conversion and Ed Miliband is a non-practicing Jew and says he does not believe in God – probably influenced by his Marxist father's beliefs.

Yesterday on BBC News, when members of the public were asked about their opinions on Blair commenting about the UK leaving the EU there were mixed responses. Some thought his comments were fair enough while others thought Blair had had his time in the political sun and should keep his mouth shut.

David Cameron, before he became Conservative leader and Prime Minister, supposedly admitted at a dinner that he was the "air to Blair" and it seems Cameron has styled himself on Blair.

Tony Blair said should the UK leave the EU in the near future he thought business would be devastated in the UK and the UK would be diminished in the world.