The story of Navinder Singh Sarao, a British flash trader of Indian descent who got the US stock market come down crashing has a story close to Leonardo Di Caprio's  [VIDEO] Hollywood hit The Wolf of Wall Street. The man from a West London suburb who acquired the sobriquet of Hound of the Hounslow could have caused one of the scariest days in the market history.

The world is intrigued by the quirky personality of Sarao who was mysterious, insomniac and sharp, who caused one of the major havoc in the history of the stock market in the US. The name of Sarao, 36, is on everybody's lips only because the world wants to know more about him.

Reports revealed that the news, which left everyone gasping, unleashed a rather bizarre side of the trader who dodged the world, including his family and relatives, in order to be discreet.

Coming from a modest Punjabi family that settled in the London suburbs, the boy from a humble family saw his mother working in double shifts in order to make the daily requirement meet. His colleagues recall him as a stingy person, who enjoyed sittting on a heap on wealth and never believed in spending on flashy lifestyle. He never lived the life of a millionaire because he reportedly never wanted to. He drove an old green car, ate a sandwich after lunch hour only to get them at half price and would take the tube at the non-peak hours to avoid the premium ticket charges.

This was precisely the reason that the family, relatives and the neighbours never really got to know about Navinder.

The sleepy borough of Hounslow, which is mostly awakened by the noise of descending jetliners in the neighborhood Heathrow Airport, woke up to the rude shock when reporters of innumerable news channels planted their cameras in front of the Sarao residence.

As per the regulator's records, 31-year-old Navinder was responsible for one out of five sell orders, on a busy market day, five years back. According to Dow Jones Industrial Average report, Navinder's act led to 1000 point ride which the world came to know as the flash cash. He was soon arrested by Scotland Yard and charged in the US with 22 criminal counts, including fraud and market manipulation.

The world is amused at the calculating skills of Sarao who chalked out a sinister game plan and managed to keep it discreet for so long. The guy never worked in a premium financial firm but was smart enough to play the flash card as "video game." Until the time, he was caught by the Police; Sarao was working in a rented space at a proprietary trading firm in west London. His old colleagues would recall him for his "amazing" knowledge of the matter.