With David Cameron's recent pledge of sunshine to build us the land of the 'Conservative Dream', it is not surprising that Ed Miliband will retort with claims of the PM's 'small-minded isolationism' in a rare speech on Foreign Affairs at the Chatham House think tank, London.

Contrasting the Conservatives' 'pessimistic isolation' with Labour's 'genuine and hard-headed multilateralism', Miliband will endeavour to reassure critics that his ultimate obligation is to 'keep our country safe and secure'. Miliband will propose that this week's Mediterranean tragedy could have been prevented, were it not for the failure of post-conflict planning in Libya, after Britain played a vital role in impeding Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The Labour leader will argue that 'Cameron was wrong to assume that Libya's political culture and institutions could be left to evolve and transform on their own', reports The Independent, placing the deaths of over 300 innocent people on the PM's shoulders, less than two weeks before General Election 2015.

Despite the Prime Minister's discussion yesterday with fellow EU leaders in Brussels - establishing new measures aimed at preventing such tragedy - Miliband's fierce attack holding Cameron entirely responsible for shrinking the influence of Britain, it seems, will counteract: 'The government he led has stepped away from the world, just at the moment when we needed to engage'.

Recent charges against Miliband depict his inability to articulate himself when it comes to foreign policy, yet his attack on Cameron this week may alters critics' perception: 'It is time to reject the small-minded isolationism.

[ … ] This Government's approach has weakened Britain at a time when the challenges are perhaps greater and more complex than at any time since the Second World War'. Miliband's implication, indeed, is that Cameron's inward-looking approach has been detrimental to the potency of Britain; in his pursuit of building us a land of the 'Conservative Dream' the PM, Miliband argues, has effectively done nothing more than build us a land of 'small-minded isolationism'.