John Kerry has announced a deal is possible between the Iranians and their nuclear program and the western nations, including the US and UK in Lausanne, Switzerland.

It is important though, that all sides are in agreement, which will be made made at the meeting in Switzerland, live up to the promises they made to keep to a six point agreement. President Rouhani of Iran, has also said optimistically, a deal is certainly doable between all sides.

The meetings over Iran's nuclear program have been going on sometime now and it has been a hard fight and sometimes edgy rounds of talk.

There has always been the suspicion by the West that Iran is hiding something or is stalling for time.

President Obama for his part, has said that a future where Iran and the US are as friendly as possible, however, a few hurdles have to be overcome first.

Now that Mr Netanyahu has been re-elected, he is always the man who is unpredictable over Iran and might just be the one to throw a spanner in the works, something the Obama regime recognizes. Despite relations between the US and Israel looking as friendly as ever, Obama and Netanyahu who come from widely divergent political views and backgrounds any way, are not the best of friends to start with and Netanyahu's view of Iran is just fueling the fire between them.

It seems Iran has its fingers in many pies in the Middle East whether that be helping the Houthi Shia in Yemen or helping the Syrian regime or helping its allies in Lebanon, Hizbollah.

Iran is not a country to be sneered at, while not being a world power if ever, Iran is certainly a regional player as described above and it has been and is developing a formidable army, navy and air force.

It also has a space program in its early stages where apparently, a monkey was sent into space and returned safely.

The West though has imposed tough sanctions on Iran, particularly the US, that has hit its ability to export oil, all because of Iran's nuclear program that it says are for peaceful purposes.

With Iran unofficially helping the US and others in their struggle with Islamic State and a deal close hopefully on its nuclear program, the situation with Iran looks hopeful but still fragile.