As I watch the news whether it is the BBC, ITV, or any other news media come to that, when they are discussing issues that are important to the British voter for the general election in May, whether they are talking about the NHS or immigration, two very important worries that the British voter has, UKIP are never asked for their opinions or very rarely.

UKIP are now a major player on the politics stage of the UK and have two former Conservative MPs sitting in Westminster representing UKIP. The fact that they are not always represented by a spokesperson on the main news is a slap in the face to their supporters and a blatant anti - UKIP disregard by the media outlets in this country, who by and large seem to have a left wing bias.

The same could be said for the Greens, who never have their policies really represented, but I am discussing UKIP here so lets get back to the subject.

Nigel Farage is a very charismatic character and comes across despite coming from a southern stockbroking background in the city, as a man of the people as he stands in his local or some other pub on his travels with his trademark pint and jolly persona.  He and his party communicate the language of the ordinary Brit on the street it seems, whether that be immigration, welfare, jobs, the NHS and as a party leader he seems to say and do the things Messers Cameron, Clegg and Milliband dare not say or do or just won't do or say for fear of looking politically incorrect or upsetting some minority or other.

UKIP will certainly, I believe, increase their intake of MPs, who ever forms the next government and may even hold the balance of power, something I welcome, as the British political scene could do with the proverbial kick up the backside and if Nigel Farage and his party are the ones to do it, so be it.

Of course, UKIP would wish us as a nation, by referendum, to leave the European Union and be able to trade with the rest of the world as it was before the UK joined the European Union or Common Market as it used to be known.

 Personally, I think there are fors and againsts being in the European Union, but, its not my views that matters here, we are talking about UKIP being seemingly ignored by the news media at large and even on 'Question Time', shown on BBC 1, on Thursday nights. 

UKIP because they speak up for Britain or just lately England and they stand on an anti - immigration platform, are often labelled racist or facist, why:  just because they have the guts to say what other parties are afraid of saying. I'm glad, its forced other parties, like Labour and the Conservatives, to discuss immigration.

Come the general election and the fact that UKIP may play an important part in it, I say bring it on.