It seems that another round of cuts are coming from this coalition government and its welfare, that's yet again going to bear the brunt and that will mean more hardships for those who depend on state handouts.

The subject of those on benefits has become something of a sore subject in this country, thanks to programmes shown notably by Channel 4 and Channel 5 that show people on benefits in a bad light, stereotyped them as being scroungers. This is certainly not the case for all people who happen to be on benefits through no fault of their own, but said people regarded as 'scroungers' have done harm to genuine people who are ill or come out of work and have to depend on state benefits.

But its not only welfare that gets cut, councils all over the UK are working to a limited budget to pay off the deficit the UK finds itself in although, according to figures, the British economy is supposed to be getting better and if in some areas of the country this may be true as regards jobs, this doesn't happen in all UK as, unfortunately wages are still not keeping pace with the growing economy.

It seems the cuts that the government is making at home to welfare and services, that people depend on, is the wrong course of action. The overseas aid budget should be halved to save money. India is a country that has its own silicon valley, nuclear weapons and a space programme, yet we dole out to India, Africa and other poorer nations thousands of pounds that never seem to lift themselves out from the poverty their in.

Parties like UKIP have the best idea, which is to make cuts to the overseas aid budget and save the country money that way, but for some reason though, this government will not do it. They prefer to hammer their own people with cuts at home rather than countries like India who are now world powers and yes, India does have severe poverty but why should it be any concern of ours, we are not responsible for India any more, that ended when we gave them independence and India certainly has the money to help its less fortunate citizens but is largely held back from doing so because of the Hindu caste system.

This is being tackled in India but the caste system of Brahmins and untouchables is still largely the norm.

Until the UK government has a change of heart and believes charity begins at home rather than abroad we will be stuck with cutting at home and not for abroad.