Long now it has been mooted by the west and Israel that the Islamic Republic of Iran either has or is near to completing a nuclear device. There have been many meetings between Iran and western nations including the US and UK about such a matter with the Iranians always claiming their nuclear program is for peaceful energy research, for example, the production of electricity.

Israel, who clearly is an arch enemy of Iran, has always claimed that the west and the UN is being hoodwinked by the Iranians when they claim that their use of nuclear energy is for peaceful purposes.

In particular current Israeli Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has stuck to this line about the danger posed by Iran's nuclear program saying that the Iranians are liars and their supposed peaceful nuclear program of energy production is just a scam and really is a covert operation for the enrichment of uranium to build a bomb.

Netanyahu even went as far as to attend the United Nations and stood on a podium in front of the representatives of other nations to explain why he thought according to evidence he had at hand why he thought Iran was working on a nuclear program.

Using diagrams and electronic media, he showed plans of the Iranian nuclear facilities in Iran where nuclear enrichment was taking place and he also showed how the facility is heavily defended by anti - aircraft weapons and his argument being why would Iran go to such lengths if the facility was just for the production of electricity.

Of course the counter - argument would be that Iran has anti - aircraft weapons in case of attack by Israel or the west uses the nuclear program of Iran, was be it for peaceful purposes or otherwise.

Evidence of Iran's nuclear program being peaceful has come to light via 'Al - Jazeera' and 'The Guardian' from a leaked Mossad report that appears to back up what the Iranians have claimed all along that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Despite this, on March 3, Binyamin Netanyahu is attending a meeting in the U S to address the leaked Mossad report and will no doubt produce counter arguments. Another thing looming on the horizon for Mr Netanyahu is that exactly two weeks after this event, there is a general election which Mr Netanyahu will want to win.

Mr Netanyahu in his claims against Iran wants to be seen as an Israeli Churchill when he warned of the dangers of Nazi Germany just as Netanyahu states that Iran is a threat to world peace.

If an attack on the nuclear facility was to go ahead on Iran's nuclear facility Iran almost certainly would hit back and it would add fire to an already war torn middle east dragging in the west and possibly Russia and China too.

Iran, though even if the Mossad report that contradicts what Mr Netanyahu says is true, according to what the UN and the west is saying Iran still has questions to answer about its nuclear program and the sides are far from reaching an agreement as yet.