Can someone please tell why when it comes to the seven way leaders debate scheduled to be broadcast in May during the general election why we in England have to listen to the mutterings of the SNP and Plyd Cymru when we cannot vote for them, besides why would we when they do not represent English voters.

To me the solution is simple, the seven way leaders debates should be just UKIP, Greens, Lib Dems and Conservatives and Labour for England and the nationalist parties should debate with the other parties in Scotland and Wales, where Welsh and Scottish votes count for the nationalist parties in their own countries.

On top of this there have been rumblings from the parties in Northern Ireland saying they should also be represented in the seven way leaders debate, the entire debate is descending into a farce as we approach the May general election.

There is one thing for sure, if Labour form the majority government after the general election, under Ed Milliband, the idea of English only votes will be kicked into the long grass as Labour depend on their 40 MPs of Scottish origin to carry votes in the Westminister parliament. So any Milliband administration would stall on English only votes for fear of their Scottish MPs.  It would be the same case if Labour go into coaltion with any of the Nationalist parties.

However, if the Conservatives form the next administration or go into coalition with UKIP or Lib Dems, the English MPs voting on English issues to the exclusion or Scots and Welsh and Northern Irish MPs voting on English issues would still be alive and kicking.  Certainly, the English voters would hold the Tory administation whether it was a Tory only government or coalition with someone else to account if it did not deliver on its promise of the English question. 

Of course all this is pure speculation, we cannot tell what is going to happen come the May General election and who will win and how the debats will affect the election, but I return to my central point, when it comes to the debate in England, it should only be parties that English people can vote for, end of.