It would seem come this years general election in May, the party who lost the debate and the vote on Scottish independence namely:  the Scottish Independence Party, may hold the balance of power in Westminster and may go into coalition with other parties, namely, Labour.

SNP, under new First minister Nicola Sturgeon, will be looking for more and more concessions from the UK government, a new package of powers has been rolled out in the wake of the Scots voting no to going it alone and the Scottish government has now been awarded those package of measures, which give it more control over its own affairs, whilst remaining part of the United Kingdom.

Alex Salmond, when he did not get his dream of a sovereign Scotland, resigned without hesitation as leader of the SNP and First minister of Scotland.  But if anyone thought Salmond's time in the lime light of politics was over, they were in for a shock, Salmond is standing in Scotland, still in the SNP, hoping to win a Westminster seat in May's general election, possibly with other SNP members of parliament at Westminister, either being elected for the first time to the UK parliament or being re - elected as candidates for the SNP.

David Cameron also said in the wake of the Scottish no to independence vote, that it was time the thorny issue of England was sorted out.  How this will come about is anyones guess, English only votes in Westminster or indeed the notion of an English parliament outside Westminster has been hotly debated ever since the Scots gained their parliament at Hollyrood, Edinburgh, under Labour when its was put to the vote and the Scots at that time unanimoulsy voted yes to their parliament.

 The present policy seems to be that when English matters come up, English only MPs will vote, where as Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs will have no say in the matter, which to me is only correct, as English MPs cannot vote on measures affecting the other three nations.

Labour though have been cautious about this as they rely on 40 Scottish MPs for voting and if it were English only votes for matters on England, Labour would be somewhat depleted.

 David Cameron has tried to play on Labour's cautiousness towards English only votes making out that Labour leader Ed Milliband is anti - English. English only votes will have to be resolved one or the other as England under the current Barnett formula is the nation left out in the cold when it comes to votes affecting itself and no doubt, with Nicola Sturgeon saying her party if it were to go into coalition with Labour for example, will vote on English matters if it affects Scotland, will cause even greater anger towards Scots from the English.

Of course the SNP my not hold the balance of power, it could be UKIP who would go into a coalition government with the Conservatives or Labour, then factor in the Greens, the Welsh Nationalists, the Northern Irish MPs, it is such a hotchpotch of parties and all one can do is speculate, as I have done today.