Who thought that after losing the election last November 5th, the US President Barack Obama would have lost his charisma evidently was mistaken. What has emerged today is a strong President, perfectly aware of his duty. Certainly not "lame duck" as it was defined by the media. In his usual year-end speech before the American families to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015, Obama has shown an iron fist on the matter of the hacker attack against Sony, the producer of the film "The Interview", withdrawn before its release. According to the president, freedom must always prevail over the threats and Sony has failed in this.

The year-end speech
This year-end speech for Obama was a wonderful opportunity to clearly define how he will carry out the remaining two years of his term, now that Congress has fallen into the hands of Republicans. Obama said that the "new Congress" expects a constructive dialogue to ensure the pursuit of a policy of Welfare, aimed at favoring the condition of the average American, with the rationalization of taxes and reduction of unemployment. Obama has in fact admitted to be "excited" for the rest of his term and ready to spend all of himself to achieve the objectives.

The President immediately reminded the important results achieved in 2014, when America resumed strong growth, despite the economic deficit. In a year there have been created over 11 million new jobs, the auto sector began to rise again with over 500 thousand new employees. But if the Republicans are not going to achieve a constructive, or even if they just want to turn over the reforms that have already been launched by the government, such as the health care law, or the reduction of consumer protection, Obama is ready to impose its right of veto.

The hacker attack to Sony
Surprisingly, however, Obama also spoke on the issue of the withdrawal of the film "The Interview", because the manufacturer Sony has been the victim of a hacker attack. The President explained that in an interconnected world there is no way to prevent cyber attacks. But Obama clearly has accused North Korea of having promoted this policy of terror just to avoid the release of a satirical film. For the FBI, in fact there is no doubt that behind the cyber attack there is the dictator Kim Jong-un and Obama himself has reiterated that for now at international level you are in a kind of "Wild West", but America is ready to react.

Meanwhile, late in the evening came the reply from the Chairman and CEO of Sony, Michael Lynton, who stated how his company has failed to act, but at this time the withdrawal of the film was "the only sensible thing". It was the theaters, in fact, to refuse to put in projection "The Interview" in these conditions. We may therefore assume that the movie may be made available online, perhaps even free on YouTube.