Every Friday, Palestinian protesters gather to protest their right of return. The gathering is called the 'Great March of Return' where protesters march towards the barrier separating Israel from Gaza. They are met by IDF Forces (Israeli Defence Forces) some firing tear gas, with others firing live rounds. Many Palestinians have been killed and injured in these confrontations and the world has condemned Israel for its actions.

The Gazans are planning these marches to culminate on May 15, a day of sadness for many Gazans. Nakba Day for them was the forceful removal of Palestinian civilians in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

For them, it was their holocaust and one can see why these people would want to return to their ancestor's lands.

Gaza is besieged from the air, from the sea, and on the land by Israel. Gaza is wholly dependent on outside suppliers and these are strictly controlled by Israel and Egypt. Some have compared the Gazan experience to the Warsaw Ghetto where thousands of Jews lived controlled by the Nazis.

Arab Nations like Saudi Arabia and Egypt have called on Hamas who governs the territory to stop the marches.

Ghost Dance of the 1800's

Many see a similarity between the Palestinian plight and that of Native Americans. Both peoples have been forced off their land and have fought colonising forces. In the case of the Native Americans, it was and still is against an issue with the American government.

With Palestinians, it is with the Israeli government and this clash has taken many forms.

Back in the 1800's, it seemed for all their resistance, Native Americans were and are up against overwhelming forces. It is the same for Palestinians today as they face an Israeli government-backed ironically enough by the USA.

Some have called the Palestinian 'Great March of Return' a desperate act by a desperate people.

So it could possibly be, as the Gazans have tried everything to get the world's attention about their plight. Perhaps this act is all that is left to them risking Israeli tear gas and live rounds.

So Native Americans in the 1800's lead by a so-called prophet Wovoka did the same thing. Protesting against the expanse of European-Americans in what was their land.

Their demonstrations took the form of a dance called the 'Ghost Dance' practiced by tribes for millennia. It was a belief that the white man and his colonial activities would cease and the land return to the Natives.

Unfortunately, this did not happen and US authorities at the time took a rather dim view of this activity. Many Natives were killed or injured in these dances particularly infamously at 'Wounded Knee' which attracted condemnation at the time. Natives today still remember this atrocity committed by US forces with anger and sadness.

Gaza's plight

Will the suffering of the Gazan people ever end as this 'Great March of Return' is indeed a desperate act by a desperate people?

'The Great March of Return' protests will carry on until May 15 and unfortunately, there will be fatalities.

There will be injuries by the score too as Israeli bullets are indiscriminate. It is noticeable with Brexit and Windrush being given maximum coverage that the actions in Gaza are barely mentioned.

The world talks about peace but then turns a blind eye for whatever reason.