Jeremy Corbyn once owned a Hammer And Sickle claims former Czechoslovakia spy. The spy refused to give his name but also claimed that he was “instrumental in the release of Nelson Mandela” and “convinced Conservative MPs to vote in favour of women’s voting rights in 1918”. The evidence is overwhelming, but it is apparent that Jeremy Corbyn hates the UK and was a spy for the Soviet Union.

Boris Johnson responded by saying, “we all knew this because my good friend, a Russian spy, told me it was 100% true. We all know that Russia has an impeachable record over not attempting to influence politics away from Russia.”

Does Corbyn still own a hammer?

There are rumours circulating that Mr Corbyn still owns a hammer, whether this is true or not, has yet to be confirmed by any former Soviet or Russian spy.

The hammer and sickle have long been the symbol of Communism, it was to represent that they were the voice of the common man. But the fact that any western MP may have previously owned them isn’t much of a confession, but this combined with the heavily red Christmas cards sent out a few years ago, indicates that Corbyn sympathises with Communism and therefore must be a terrorist sympathiser.

In an interview with the nameless spy he said, “Corbyn is a dangerous man. He seems to share these ideals that everyone should be equal.” He further added, “this communist way of thinking is perilous for the world and I suspect that it would cause it to end immediately if he were to ever gain power.” When pressed for evidence, the man said that he knew Mr Corbyn had once owned and hammer a sickle, then said he had seen a photo of him in his garden recently with a hammer.