Allegations about an alleged affair Donald Trump had with Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels had surfaced just before the presidential elections in 2016. The rumours were quickly shut down and the media paid little or no attention to them. Talk of a payout of hush money circled but since no one could get the star to talk and the rumours fizzled. Recently, Trump's alleged affair with the popular adult entertainer has taken centre stage again with reports by the Washington Post, Mother Jones emails and revelations and publication of a 2011 interview with In Touch magazine.

The Golf tournament meeting

It is reported that in a 2011 interview, Stormy Daniels met Trump when she attended a celebrity golf tournament in July 2006 at a Lake Tahoe resort. She later told Adult Video news that it was her first time on the golf course and Donald Trump offered to take her on a ride around in his golf cart which she accepted. In interviews conducted over a number of years, she spoke of an affair with the president that started at the tournament.

$130,000 for silence

Very little attention was paid to the Trump-Stormy Daniels affair interviews until the Wall Street Journal recently reported that Trump's attorney Michael Cohen, just days prior to the 2016 election, arranged for the payment of $130,000 for her silence.

His attorney reportedly set up a private limited liability company to make the payment. While Cohen did not address the payment, he stated that the president had denied the affair.

The affair

The affair between Donald Trump and the adult film star supposedly lasted about a year this during his current marriage to Melania Trump, according to details revealed in transcripts of an interview Daniels whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, reportedly gave to In Touch magazine in 2011.

The magazine claims that the details were corroborated by Stormy's ex-husband and close friend who both took lie detector tests and passed. In the interview, she allegedly had asked Donald Trump about his wife while in his hotel room since she had recently given birth to their son Barron but he told her not to bother about her.

The interviews

Details of the interview are juicy, to say the least. Some of the descriptions of Donald Trump's behaviour are already familiar to most - like his obsession with watching TV and in particular with Shark Week. Here is a quick overview of what the interviews revealed:

  • She was promised a slot on the Apprentice which never happened
  • Contact was made through his bodyguard and they met several times throughout the years
  • Claims she could describe his private parts and that the sex was nothing special but due to his age she expected that.
  • He was obsessed with and terrified of sharks
  • He compared her to his daughter Ivanka
  • His pet name for her was Honeybunch
  • Trump once asked Stormy Daniels to spank him with a Forbes magazine which featured him and his family on the cover, (this information was in a string of email interviews recently revealed by the magazine Mother Jones).

Stormy days ahead for Trump

It is not Donald Trump's first alleged tryst with an adult film star and as more details and confirmations are uncovered, it seems like stormy days ahead for the president.

Jessica Drake another porn star along with dozens of other accusers, claimed that she was kissed by Donald Trump against her will and that she was offered $10,000 to go to his hotel room. He has denied all charges. Many of his early accusers are now reviving their pre-election claims in the light of the Stormy Daniels revelations.