So according to Conservative sources, the new cabinet for 2018 reflects the British population whom the government serves. Admittedly there are more women and ethnic minority ministers represented, however, the cabinet is largely made up of Oxbridge politicians.

theresa May was supposedly all about having ministers in her cabinet (when she became the leader of the country and the Tory party) from all backgrounds. With the emphasis being on those from working-class backgrounds being given top jobs in her cabinet.

Many have called Theresa May's cabinet reshuffle a reshuffle in the wrong direction.

In other words, her cabinet is made up of 34% more people more likely to have had a privately educated curriculum. It was 30% in her last cabinet and the question has to be asked why has she increased the number of politicians in her cabinet from better off backgrounds. Was it by choice or was it that's how things worked out in the process of picking ministers for the new cabinet?

Some point to the fact of (as mentioned) the cabinet is more representative of women and ethnic minorities, however, this sticking plaster does not obscure the fact of fewer people from state school backgrounds.

New Cabinet: So what?

Does Theresa May truly believe that this cabinet truly reflects the people whom her government supposedly serves?

Of course ethnic and female representation matter but if female and ethnic politicians have been picked solely to fill a lack of such people is this even right? Obviously, many of the female and ethnic politicians are talented people and well able to do the briefs they have been given. However what if many of the new cabinet members are out of their depth in the jobs they are doing?

This is why despite the pressures of making the cabinet more representative meritocracy is key here. Picking people simply because of their ethnicity or gender based on lack of representation in the cabinet is not always a key to success for the reasons explained.

Theresa May meanwhile carries on in her bubble in the mistaken belief having more ethnic politicians or female politicians will make the British People like her.

For those struggling to make ends meet, it will not make a lot of difference.

The just about managing or the poor probably couldn't care less if grey aliens were appointed to the cabinet to be more representative. All they want is a government that cares and understands their predicament with policies to help them.

On that count once again the May bot and her cronies have failed miserably, unfortunately.

New people same old government!

Theresa May with her new ministers from poor backgrounds (not very many), her ethnic politicians and female politicians seems satisfied. However, this not will alter the fact that the UK is facing Brexit with the same policies of austerity and cuts.

Some established politicians like Health Minister Jeremy Hunt managed to stay in position.

Jeremy Hunts powers of persuasion must have worked a treat on Theresa May. Not only did he convince her to keep him in his post, he even has a new brief for social care.

Whereas Justine Greening was going to be moved from Education having had a disagreement with Mrs. May over this. After this debacle with the Prime Minister Justine Greening didn't hang around returning to the back benches.

So as 2018 carries on we are stuck with a government that's all about spin, not reality.