Alleged members of the far right group known as National Action have been arrested in the West Midlands. Five men and one woman were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. They have been arrested for being members of a banned organisation.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd banned the group in 2016 which was founded by Raymond Benjamin in 2013. The group does not allow its members to speak openly about its operations. One statement they did put out, however, was that National Action was like the BNP but more radical.

The arrests took place in the West Midlands and the ages of the apprehended are between 21 and 37.

A police statement about the arrests said "being concerned in the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism". Those detained come from Cambridgeshire, Banbury, Wolverhampton, Leicester and Stockport.

Who is National Action?

National Action was founded by Raymond Benjamin in 2013 and have taken part in marches similar to the EDL, BNP and Britain First. Unlike National Action, the BNP, EDL and Britain First have not been banned. It appears Amber Rudd has seen information National Action was prepared to do more than just demonstrate hence the banning of this group. With the arrests, it seems Rudd got this right.

With the banning of National Action, it has obviously forced members underground where they can operate to quote a line from Bond "in the shadows".

Banning something can sometimes have the reverse effect whereby instead of it withering on the vine it grows more popular instead.

What has become of Raymond Benjamin the founder of the group cannot be known as this time. However, with the banning of the group and their operations now being illegal Raymond must now know anything he does in support of his group risks arrest.

Far right terror

Many of the acts of terrorism in this country in the past have been carried out by Irish Republicans; the infamous Birmingham pub bombing, the Grand Hotel bombing in Brighton and other acts of barbarism. When the so-called 'War on Terror' began circa 2001 the UK since has been hit by Islamic terror groups like Al Qaeda and Islamic State.

Last year there was a spike in Islamic State-inspired attacks whether it was the Manchester Arena bombing or other heinous acts. Some of these individuals were lone wolves inspired by IS propaganda or working directly with the group to plan and carry out Acts Of Terror.

Far-right groups like National Action perhaps in response to Islamic terrorism have now joined the fray in preparing acts of terror. So far thank God it seems National Action has been thwarted, however, one wonders if they will one day get away with doing an act of terror on our streets.

As with Islamic State, the security forces are doing a great job in protecting us but they cannot be everywhere. With Islamic extremism alive and well it seems in the UK and the other threat of far-right terrorism the security forces really need to be on top of their game.