"You're so much fun, how come you're not in a Relationship?". I can't even count how many times I've been asked that question. It even got to the point, where I started to feel bad about myself for not having a Boyfriend. And honestly, I hate myself for that. Because why do girls actually need a boyfriend to feel complete?

Women generally tend to concentrate on negative things in their life. They don't have a thigh gap, so screw the fact that they've got beautiful eyes and a Hollywood smile. It's similar to relationships. They could be successful in every other aspect of their life, but not having a boyfriend completely overshadows it.

And why is that?

Women let other people define them

The biggest problem is that most women have low self-esteem. They let other people define them. So being single equals being not pretty or not smart. Simply, not good enough. The fact that they're in a relationship and someone pays attention to them makes them feel special. They treat guys like a cure for their complexes. They also compare themselves to other girls, who are in relationships.

Some women are purely afraid of being alone. Because dealing with so many things going on is difficult indeed. It seems to be so much easier to wait on someone else to help us out and save the day. Women often feel like they can't handle their problems on their own.

What people don't understand is that no one can actually be the solution to what they're currently going through. Being in a relationship may be helpful and give some kind of mental support, but depending entirely on someone else is just not right. Women should believe more in themselves and their abilities. But surely, the stereotype that women are weak and they need a man to save them from the big, bad world doesn't help.

Simply enjoy life

Nothing frustrates me more than the fact that the society has a power over girls and place unnecessary pressure to do certain things. One of them is getting married and having kids. It's also one of the reasons why women may feel like they're failing in life when they're not in a relationship. Making a career, travelling and simply enjoying life are not on the top of 'to do' list.

It's especially annoying that when you actually think about that, the only person who's going to be with you forever is... you. Why don't we just focus on ourselves, our dreams and goals instead of trying to find someone, who could complete us? Know your worth even without a man. Don't wait for someone to make you happy. Do it yourself.