Donald Trump, ever since he became the President of the United States has been hurling abuses against North korea. He has said that the US will destroy the North Korean Nation and there is a derisive reference to Kim Jong as the "rocket man"

The situation in the Korean Peninsula is tense and the American fleet is hovering in Korean waters. Donald Trump has said that past actions of the US administration should not be construed as weakness. He has repeated that North Korea better beware and he has promised that he will destroy North Korea. This is just rhetoric and one wonders how much of it is just words and how much reality.As per a retired US intelligence official, there will not be any war between North Korea and the US led by Trump, as both leaders are just posturing for effect.

This is reported by Newsweek magazine.

China and the US

A look back to history shows that when China similarly developed nuclear weapons in the early sixties of the last century, similar rhetoric was missing. President Johnson at that time was embroiled in the Vietnam War and he completely disregarded China going nuclear and developing WMD. The Americans must explain as to why no action was taken against China at that time when Mao Tse Tung was daily issuing threats to destroy the US.

What could be the reason that the reaction to China was muted and the reaction to North Korea so vehement? Is it because China was a large country and the Americans were scared of getting embroiled in a land war with China.

In contrast action and reaction to North Korea has been very violent and the US has threatened to destroy the country. Is it because North Korea is a very small Nation which is equivalent to what a pea has as far as the United States is concerned?

American policy

Historically, the American policy has been not to attack strong nations that can retaliate.They generally pick on small nations, which cannot attack the United States like Syria, Kosovo, and Yemen.

One cannot see them antagonizing the Soviet Union and its successor Russia or China at any point in time. They can approve an attack on North Korea but here also the fact that North Korea has a nuclear deterrent, is a drawback. This is the big game changer and America cannot take action similar to the one against Syria.

US Defense Department has opined that even in a conventional war, more than 300,000 Koreans will be killed.

An intelligence official has said there will be no war with between the USA and North Korea.

Reality check

A reality check of South Korea will show that Seul, which is just 38 kilometres from the North Korean border, life is continuing as usual despite knowing that North Korea has the nuclear strike capability. There are no bunkers, no nuclear shelters, and this obviously shows that the South Korean's do not expect a war with North Korea.

President Moon of South Korea has gone on record and said that there will not be another War on the Korean Peninsula. The only course of action appears that in the long run, the American will have to accept North Korea as a nuclear power. It won't be such a bad thing as China also went nuclear and the US accepted it. One cannot see any other possibility