George Soros is certainly an interesting fellow, the mere mention of his name in some quarters provokes the same vitriolic response that is reserved for some of the history's most reviled figures, while others simply go, who is George Soros? Who is George Soros indeed.

George Soros recently gave a rare interview to the Financial Times in which he spoke of the "Hate Campaign" that was being waged against him by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In the interview, Hungarian-American Soros said that Orban was attempting to smear him in order to cling on to power in his own country.

Viktor Orban has recently said that he would press the countries spy agencies to monitor groups which are funded by the billionaire investor. Viktor Orban vehemently rejects the EU's open door migrant policy and is seen as the figurehead of a growing number of Central and Eastern European politicians which are opposed to some of the doctrines of the EU hierarchy and favour a more nationalistic approach to politics.

What is the truth behind the myths?

Many rich men have had conspiracy theories associated with them, but none more so in recent times than the left-wing billionaire. There is not much information on this enigmatic figure, so I will present the information that is available to try to understand why George Soros is associated with such nefarious accusations.

Soros has recently transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation. Looking into the Open Society Foundation, it is easy to see why some people, particularly on the right associate George Soros with the "globalist" agenda.

The Open Society Foundation, either directly or through its subsidiaries, funds many left-wing activist groups.

The list is so long it would take an entire article just to list them all, so I will try to list the most relevant ones to try to paint the picture behind George Soros' political views. One of the groups that are funded by Soros' Open Society Foundation is the Advancement Project. The stated aims of this group are to try to unite "communities of colour" into political groups, the Advancement Project has been linked to the group Black Lives Matter and at one point it was reported that the group was considering funding the activist organization.

Soros also funds the Democracy Alliance which is a group that also aims to fund left-wing activist movements.

The Open Society Foundation also funds many groups which are described as "open-border" advocates. These groups include America's Voice, which calls for immigration reform and calls for an amnesty of illegal immigrants. Some of the other open border groups that Soros' Open Society Foundation funds are the American Immigration Council and The American Immigration Law Foundation. George Soros also funds a number of NGO's which have been directly linked to the migrant crisis which began in Europe in early 2015. The tentacles of George Soros' money seems to cast a wide net, from left-wing education pressure groups to Human Rights groups such as Amnesty International, the Hungarian born billionaire's name does appear to be associated with a left-wing mandated vision for the future.

The reason why this is relevant because it goes some way to answering the questions behind the recent outcry over Soros in Hungary and beyond. Recently, Nigel Farage slammed the billionaire investors backing of the European project, calling his influence "really extraordinary." Looking into the groups and causes that George Soros funds, it is clear that many of the positions that George Soros advocates are at odds with these nations in Eastern and Central Europe who do not wish to co-operate with the European Union's quotas in regard to the resettlement of refugees and migrants which continue to enter the continent from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. It is no conspiracy that George Soros is a huge force behind the push for a more global world.

The conspiracy theories of Soros' aim of a "one world government" can find their roots in his money trail.

It has been said that the smear campaign being directed against the billionaire investor can find its roots in anti-Semitism, similar to what was seen during the 1930's in Europe. I cannot speak for everybody who has doubts about George Soros, we all know those repulsive anti-Semitic figures do exist in the world, but I do not believe this to be true for the majority of the people who have raised concerns about Soros' influence. For people on the right, for people who are concerned about the effects of mass-migration and for those who despise identity politics in all its forms I believe their criticisms of George Soros to be justified.

George Soros has the right in a free-market capitalist society to fund whichever group and cause he wishes to, being a political centrist, I would even go as far to say that some of the groups George Soros funds, such as Amnesty International can provide a great service to the world. But while George Soros retains the right to spend his hard earned money as he wishes, the nations which are directly affected by his causes retain the right to be critical of George Soros.

Is George Soros an enemy of the people in Hungary? I suppose that is a question that can only be answered by the people of Hungary. If there is anti-Semitism involved in any of the maligning of George Soros as is claimed, that is absolutely wrong and should be stamped out immediately.

But in regards to the criticisms levelled at Soros by people like Nigel Farage and Viktor Orban, I'm sorry George, but as a man that is described as a defender of democracy, the anger directed at you by such people is simply democracy in action.