Various laboratories and institutes detected a powerful seismic signal and concluded that North Korea, had tested a more powerful nuclear device. This was the 6th nuclear bomb test by the communist regime and indicated that the North was developing its nuclear weapons technology at a fast pace. The official North Korean news agency has now claimed that a Hydrogen Bomb, which could be attached to an ICBM had been successfully tested. This has alarmed both Japan and South Korea, as well as the United States. The two allies, China and Russia, condemned the tests but called for a "peaceful" solution.

They have not specified what that peaceful solution is supposed to be and how will it be achieved. The fact is that the purported H- bomb test by the North, does not change the political scenario as the US will find its hands tied and an attack on the North would bring terrible retaliation on the South, which could well lead to a great calamity on the Korean Peninsula.


North Korea is at the same stage that China was in the 1960's. At that time, the dictator Mao Tse Tung ruled China and daily the Chinese media blasted Japan and the USA. The Dragon was also developing its nuclear weaponry and deliverý capability feverishly and had vowed to destroy America and arch enemy Japan.

U.S. and the dragon

At that time the USA was embroiled in the Vietnam war and it did nothing about China's development of nuclear weapons. No American commentator can explain why the U.S. watched passively when China was testing its Atomic bombs. It had the ability to bomb the Chinese nuclear sites in Sinkiang, yet did nothing.

Was it because China is a very big nation and the U.S. was wary of a prolonged war with China?

War option

Donald Trump is breathing fire against North Korea and has said that " all options are on the table." Presumably, one of the options is attacking Kim Jong-un and the American president has said that the military option is "locked and ready." This is easier said than done as military experts have warned that the U.S.

will win the war but the destruction of South Korea and severe damage to Japan could take place. Millions will die and life on the Korean peninsula would sìmply not exist for decades.The H-bomb test by Kim Jong-un does not change this scenario.The United States will have to think before attacking the North. South Korea will not allow an attack and President Moon has said there won't be another war on the Korean Peninsula.