This week was probably a week where many online Social media users quickly went to check their previous tweets, in case anything was brought back from the past.

YouTube sensation and brother of singer Conor Maynard, Jack Maynard, was booted off the reality series I'm A Celebrity. His tweets from 6 years ago on social media were brought up by someone leading to his exit just after two days on the show.

Similarly, Stormzy was also involved with tweets that he posted in 2011, a very long time before he was even famous or recognised by millions. It was only last week that he was taking stage at the VMA's and everyone had a joke about him getting stuck in the ladies toilet.

Since then, Stormzy apologised on Wednesday on Twitter for using homophobic tweets between 2011 and 2014. He said, "that I have unlearned as I've grown up and become a man". He's 24-years-old now.

As we have seen, Maynard never expected something like this to happen when he is doing very well for himself and had probably forgotten what happened all those years ago.

He is known for funny vlogs or video blogs, which have attracted over 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The tweets which came to light from 2011-13 led to him being kicked off the ITV show.

His management has said that he is "ashamed" of what he posted and has admitted the language he used was "completely unacceptable".

Perhaps in the future, celebrities or even us as the general public should take a leaf from Taylor Swift who took a break from social media. When you have such a large following, you are expected to regularly keep your fans up to date, but using it appropriately.

The issues is, we live in an extremely unforgiving world

Things have changed from lets say 10 years ago, you could say almost anything you want, although there was no social media to keep a record of what you said.

Now anyone can simply type in your Twitter or Facebook username and type in keywords to find something in particular that you said.

It can also be an issue especially for celebrities as they have companies that support them with endorsements or otherwise, who will have their users question them about the kind of opinions the people they represent are saying over social media.

So for anyone who has perhaps said anything in the past that is offensive, quickly delete your social media! I am joking, I would say just be careful what you post online, especially with the possibility that your future employees could use a tweet you tweeted years ago as a reference to your character, regardless of whether you have changed since then or not.

The way that online social media has changed careers for the better, for example Michael Dapaah with Big Shaq, has helped him to carve his career with many of his followers online. Whereas it can come back to haunt you for something you posted years back as seen with the cases of Stormzy and Jack Maynard.