With news of another royal wedding set for next May Prime Minister Theresa May has poured cold water on the idea of a Bank Holiday. On Sky News, she was asked if she thought a bank holiday would cheer up the nation. She did not think a bank holiday was necessary and the event itself would brighten the nation up.

According to a poll reported by Sky News, 38% would welcome a bank holiday whereas 48% would not. At the end of the day, it probably depends on your point of view about the royal wedding and having time off. If you are a Royalist then, of course, it should be a national holiday.

If you happen to be Non-royalist and couldn't give two hoots then you may think the whole thing is stuff and nonsense and having a day off a waste of time.

Of course, there may be an indifferent opinion whereby people will welcome any excuse to take time off and who can blame them.

What would Diana have thought?

Who can tell what Princess Diana would have thought of her second eldest son tying the knot? As Prince Harry said when being interviewed by the BBC Diana and Meghan would have been best friends.

The Prince is, of course, is right Diana would have been thrilled by the wedding just as she would have been about William and Kate. Diana only wanted the best for her boys as any parent mother or father naturally would be.

Diana herself during her tenure as a Royal was like nothing the Royal Family had seen before and changed the Monarchy in one sense forever. The Royal Family have modernised in many ways however there is still, unfortunately, that stuffiness even with William and Harry.

Could Meghan Markle be another Diana in the sense she is unconventional in the fact she is American, divorced and bi-racial to boot?

The world that Meghan comes from is far different to the stuffy and orderly world of the Royals.

Apparently according to Prince Harry in the same BBC interview, his wife to be has already met the Queen. It all went well but only time will tell if Meghan Markle will settle down to being a Royal and what is expected of her.

What difference does it make?

As Morrisey once sang with The Smiths 'What Difference Does it Make'? Obviously, he was singing about something completely different. Here we are talking about the Royal Wedding but what difference does this event make to ordinary people?

Yes for those who like the Royal Family and see them as an integral part of our nation it will be glorious. For those of the other persuasion, they will not care less.

When you consider all the pomp and circumstance and the money involved to pay for this event isn't this somewhat immoral. Yes, the Royal Family are paying for the event themselves but what difference, in the end, will it make the life of the ordinary folk of this country.

Trying to earn an honest living, paying the bills and putting food on the table in the days of austerity. The short answer to this is absolutely nothing like all events royal or otherwise that the media has to screen whether some in our community want it or not.