Renowned psychologist, Sigmund Freud once said, "despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, one question I have not yet been able to answer is; What does a woman want? Why do men find it so difficult to understand Women?"

The options for women to feel happy are endless nowadays. No women seriously wants to go back to the 1950s hierarchy: marriage with children, followed by marriage without children, then governess, than children without marriage.

Do men understand women?

Man often mistakenly assume that what makes women happy is ranging from chocolates, cosmetic surgery, money, power, career, to marriage.

More than 1,000 self-help books are published each year with the message that the only solution to becoming happy is to get in touch with your true self through regular meditation. But nothing conclusive can be said as often women come across as a mystery for most men. But is there one simple thing that makes every woman happy?

Can there be one operating manual which can solve the mysteries of women to men in a simplified way?

It would be of course incredible if men and women both knew how to make each other happy but unfortunately, it isn't quite that simple.

So Journalism News Network in the following 1-minute video filmed in London and Paris set out to explore women's minds about what really makes them happy.

Women share their interesting and funny reactions on this thought provoking topic. While some of the women have expressed that chocolates make them happy, others have shared that traveling and green spaces make them feel just as good.

However, contrary to popular belief, none of the women seemed to suggest that either money or men made them happy.

Watch the video for funny reactions on what make a woman happy and do let me know what you think!

What Makes Women Happy is the third episode in the Web Series What Women Want in which interesting and fun questions has been asked:

What weird pick-up lines have you heard?

Can women be happy on her own? Do women need a man to be happy?

Often people are confused with what is more important; Love or Career?

Often guys don't have any clue if a girl likes them.

Things girls hate about guys?

Does age matter when it comes to dating and marriage? How much age difference is too much?

An attempt has been made to catch the natural reactions of female participants and at the same time to keep the series fun and entertaining.

The first two minute episode was filmed with leading nutritionist Magda

The second 6 min detail episode was filmed with Darcey Croft, founder of Barenaturals who shared her wisdom to explain a woman's mind in as much detail and logical way as possible.

Darcy discusses such questions as why some women like bad guys. What is essential to keep the relationship up going in the long term in a fun and interesting manner. But most important of all, she says, love is the answer.