The recent BBC adverts aiming to recruit a Trainee Researcher and Trainee Broadcast Journalist have understandably upset swathes of people on social media. They both state that the positions are open to applicants of a black, Asian and ethnic minority background only. As UKIP's spokesperson said when they were asked to comment on the story for Blasting News: "Imagine the uproar if this was the other way round?" The BBC has earned a reputation for political correctness in recent years and these job listings prove why.

"They are allowed to promote this scheme under the Equality Act 2010"

When asked to comment on why they are doing this, a BBC spokesperson told Blasting News that they are allowed to promote this scheme under the Equality Act 2010 to improve the representation of minorities in certain industries at the expense of discriminating against white candidates. Journalism is a difficult career for most people to enter, regardless of your background. To be denied these two outstanding opportunities at the expense of "improving diversity" is a disgrace. It provokes suspicion surrounding the BBC's motives as to whether or not they will recruit an untalented black intern at the expense of expelling a whole pool of credible white candidates for the sake of "diversifying the corporation."

When asked to comment on this story for Blasting News, the Department of Digital, Media, Culture and Sport failed to provide a response within the time-frame they were provided with.

This inaction speaks louder than words. It proves the Government has sacrificed itself to the forces of political correctness. If they opposed the BBC's stance, they would have been accused of encouraging racism.

"The Equality Act 2010 is unworkable"

The BBC's media internship justifies a fundamental point; the Equality Act 2010 is unworkable.

It is abandoning white people at the expense of a narrow aim of diversifying the workplace. Furthermore, it is failing to promote equality. The Act is poorly worded, which allows organisations like the BBC to interpret it in their own way. The Act's intention is to "reduce socio-economic inequalities." Yet it also states race is a "protected characteristic." Because there is no accountability, businesses like the BBC are allowed to escape scrutiny over banning white applicants to roles many aspiring journalists would dream of.

A Huffington Post article written last year found the Equality Act 2010 is failing disabled workers because it is unclear who is responsible for enforcing it. As the author said, the Government, the European Court of Human Rights and employers should all be promoting it. They also quoted a House of Lords' report that outlined how they can achieve that aim.

The Equality Act 2010 has failed in its purpose. It is an awful law that betrays its final aim of eroding inequality. It also demonstrates government intervention always fails.