When Liberal Democrat MP Alastair Carmichael was approached for comment yesterday by Blasting News UK, he declined to do so. His inaction speaks volumes about him. Like many of his comrades, he is nothing more than a shameless opportunist. Instead of allowing his colleagues to debate an issue that does not have much awareness and which is close to many people's hearts during Baby Awareness Week, he managed to persuade Commons Speaker John Bercow to push back this debate to focus Parliament's attention on Tories' absence during Opposition Day motions.

Mr. Carmichael is right to focus on the Government's boycotting of these events, but his timing was poor. He rightfully received condemnation from his Conservative colleague, Will Quince MP, a passionate advocate for Baby Awareness Week, for prioritising a debate intended to undermine the Tories ahead of a crucial discussion on baby deaths. Many organisations fight to have their causes brought to the heart of democracy for a week and this was the only opportunity for baby charities to have their voices heard.

The Liberal Democrats still deserve to be condemned for their tactics

Mr. Bercow should be credited for providing time yesterday evening to Baby Awareness Week, but the Liberal Democrats still deserve to be condemned for their tactics.

This is an issue many Brits are not informed about. Last year's Hansard records reveal that the Conservative MP for Eddisbury, Antoinette Sandbach, spoke passionately about one constituent who experienced neglect in the NHS when they were pregnant. According to the Tory MP, the rash they developed before they lost their baby was dismissed by a GP and no tests were carried out.

They then cheekily urged the constituent to "keep trying" because miscarriages are "normal."

They should be appalled by their own actions

Nick Boles, the Tory MP for Grantham and Stanford, also spoke of the loss of a twin child one of his constituents experienced during last year's debate. Kevin Hollinrake, Conservative MP for Thirsk and Malton, also mentioned two of his constituents who attended a reception held by the Speaker last year, to raise funds for a campaign dedicated to increasing awareness of baby loss.

It is clear this is a common issue throughout the nation and the Liberal Democrats achieved nothing by trying to push back this debate. They lost and they should be appalled by their own actions. Not one Liberal Democrat MP attended that debate last year. It shows they do not care about dead babies.

The Liberal Democrats are not the "good guys" of British Politics. Their behaviour demonstrated that they are the real "nasty" party.