Northfield Labour have been caught breaking their Twitter pledge not to campaign during the day of the Manchester attacks.

This news will come as an embarrassment to the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Birmingham constituency, Richard Burden, who is campaigning to be re-elected as its Member of Parliament.

Northfield Labour tweeted at 7.46am on Tuesday: 'Our thoughts this morning are with those affected by last night's tragic events in Manchester- all campaign activity is suspended in respect.'

But a source can reveal exclusively to Blasting News that Labour activists leafleted their street at 8.55pm on Tuesday night.

'Shocked to receive this leaflet'

They added: 'I was shocked to receive this leaflet in the evening. I thought Northfield Labour said on Twitter that they suspended all of their campaigning activities.'

But Mr. Burden said he had no knowledge of his campaigners distributing literature on Tuesday evening.

An official statement from Northfield Labour said:

'In line with the commitments by the national parties after the abhorrent attacks in Manchester, all campaign activities by Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Greens in our constituency were suspended throughout yesterday as a mark of respect. We are, of course, looking into the report that has been brought to our attention. However, we can confirm in addition to the national message, the Northfield Labour campaign team also sent out alerts to advise our members and supporters of the suspension of campaigning yesterday.

'Yesterday evening, Richard Burden was proud to join his campaign team in attending Birmingham's vigil in solidarity and support for the victims of the attack and their loved ones. At times like this we should never seek to sow division or score political points against one another, we have far more in common than what divides us.

As both Brummies and Brits we should remember and cherish this.'

Both Northfield Conservative Association and the local Liberal Democrats were approached to comment, but both organisations declined to do so.

This broken pledge is part of an extending string of election errors Labour activists have made since the bombing.

'Wonderful timing'

Political blog Guido Fawkes revealed the vice-chair of Stroud Labour Party, Debbie Hicks, tweeted that the Manchester attack is wonderful timing for Prime Minister Theresa May.

She said she was concerned the incident would be used by the Government for political gain to present a message of 'strong and stable leadership.'

David Drew, the Labour candidate for Stroud, confirmed that she has been suspended pending full investigation.

Yesterday, hundreds of soldiers were deployed to help protect British streets in the wake of the attack.

'Terror level critical'

The terror level has been raised to 'critical', the highest possible, meaning an attack is expected.

The man behind the attacks is believed to be Salman Abedi.

Five men linked to the terrorist have been held as police investigate what they believe to be a network of terror linked to Syria.

22 people were killed in an explosion at the Manchester Arena where American popstar, Ariana Grande, was performing live. Many of the victims were children. They have all been identified since the attack.

64 people were also wounded in the blast.

Mr. Burden attended a vigil at Victoria Square, Birmingham, on Tuesday evening to show solidarity with the victims who both lost their lives and were injured in the atrocity.

He issued a statement, which can be seen on his Facebook page, saying that Tuesday morning's bombing was carried out by people who peddle hatred and division.

The Labour PPC added that generosity had been expressed by the people of Manchester since the incident happened.

Richard Burden has been the MP for Northfield since 1992.

He served as shadow transport minister from 2013 to 2016.

After Labour won the 1997 General Election, he was appointed the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.