The cheers are ringing around the haunts favoured by the left wing Bolsheviks. McClusky and McDonnell are illegally inciting insurrection, new and ever more ludicrous policies regarding Brexit are being espoused by Kier Starmer. Jeremy Corbyn is still pulling off the frankly incredible scam that he has a financial or social plan that will not ruin the country within six months of him being elected, to millions of very naive young people from Newcastle to Newquay.

The new favourite didn't last long

Things have become even more favourable lately. The new Conservative Head Boy Jacob Reece Mogg has fallen while apparently challenging to be the frontrunner to replace Mrs. May. He had gone past Boris, David Davis and the hopeless Philip Hammond in the past couple of months and was looking to be the clear champion of the right.

He has a very popular Moggmentum following on Twitter, a clever twist on Labour's Momentum and many people love his excellent debating skills and his clarity in explaining the values of Conservatism to the country. He is a politician of rare ability and true integrity.

What happened? Well, like ex-Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron before him, his firm Christian beliefs have been dragged into the spotlight and unlike Farron, Reece Mogg was not even prepared to vacillate about them. He stated front and centre that he did not believe that gay marriage should be legalised and he did believe that abortion was wrong in every circumstance, even when the woman had been raped. He feels the marriage of same-sex partners is against the Christian teaching that he follows and that the sanctity of life outweighs all other factors.

I happen to disagree with Jacob on both points and very strongly on the latter. That disagreement would not have stopped me voting for him but then I am not a gay person wishing to marry, or a woman who has gone through the terrible ordeal outlined. What I do find objectionable however is that he is not afforded the same tolerance in allowing him to hold his religious views without consequence, that is habitually given to others.

Has anyone enquired of Sadiq Khan, Priti Patel or Naz Shah of their views on the subjects above? No, I have not heard them asked either!

He may not have been the best solution

Having said that I do not think Jacob was the great solution to the leadership problem within the Conservative Party anyway. Even before this latest skirmish, I was worried that many ordinary centrist voters, who must be won over, would think him a Tory toff, too much in the chumocracy class of Cameron and Osborne.

I do not think he is, but his old-fashioned way of talking, acting and dressing would have been hard for many voters in Sunderland and Stoke and Wolverhampton to swallow.

Also, even in accepting the element of unfairness relating to his treatment for the views he recently expressed, those views are and probably should be of a bygone era. We have moved on and the country will not elect a leader who has not moved on with us. I said earlier that the views would not stop me voting for him, what may do is his intransigence (some would say his principle). Most of us would like to believe we are principled, but we all walk a fine line between principle and pragmatism. For me holding to Christian principles at the expense of allowing in the most potentially damaging group of left-wing lunatics seen since the original Russian Bolsheviks would not be the best choice.

That is in practice what Jacob has chosen and that would give me pause to be concerned about his future actions.

When the fire starts we all burn

Even given this the cheering of the Bolsheviks should be more muted. One of the rare politicians of principle has gone from the vanguard of politics. One day the Labour party may gain power, then the country will be socially and economically ruined for years. They should think on, at least the ones with the ability to think. They will have been the cause of the ruin and they will have to share in it with the rest of us.

Oh and good luck Jacob!