Yesterday The Guardian reported that Brexit uncertainty is causing many businesses to prepare contingency plans in the event that no deal may be reached between the UK and the EU. This is due to the uncertainty caused by the current EU Withdrawal Bill.

For example, they reported that airlines have told their suppliers that they may be legally unable to sell annual advance tickets because the lack of a transition deal means they cannot ensure regulatory approval to fly after March 2019, the date Britain is due to leave the trading bloc.

Companies are running out of time to prepare for Brexit

According to The Guardian, leading businessmen argue that politicians are failing to absorb how quickly commercial deadlines will be upon them. Xavier Rolet, the Chief Executive of the London Stock Exchange, wrote a plea in The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday that companies are running out of time to prepare for Brexit.

This is evidence of a second Project Fear looming round the corner. It is apparent that no deal with Brussels is becoming increasingly likely and financial organisations must prepare for that reality. The Government confirmed last week that it is preparing for the possibility of no deal. This should provide businesses with hope considering politicians will assist them financially if there is no deal.

So why are many leading businessmen still worried?

Sir Keir should be fired for this level of incompetence

Everyone can agree the EU Withdrawal Bill will provide much clarity and certainty for the economy, but Labour is spreading lies by stating the Department for Exiting the EU is fudging this Bill. Sir Keir Starmer, the Shadow Brexit Secretary, is in no position to criticise the Government's Brexit policy.

The Labour Party doesn't have one. Sir Keir should be fired for this level of incompetence, but sadly they are led by a man who has kept the inadequate Diane Abbott in her position.

By failing to collaborate with the Government on Brexit, Labour is purposefully thwarting this process by taking advantage of the Tories' lack of a majority.

There are many Labour MPs who would be happy to reverse the decision made in last year's EU Referendum altogether. This is not the sort of political point-scoring businesses deserve. Sir Keir and Jeremy Corbyn are doing them a huge injustice by delaying the EU Withdrawal Bill, which will clarify which EU laws will translate into British law post-Brexit. They are playing politics with the economy's future.

So who is to blame for this negativity surrounding Brexit? Look no further than the Labour Party.