Just when we think the Government has turned its full - if limited attention span - we are assailed by yet another scandal in Parliament. Not content with screwing up any Brexit negotiation it appears that those who represent us, like their more glamorous male US Filmmaker counterparts, have terrible trouble with engorged testosterone levels.


It should come as no surprise that Harvey Weinstein has been named as a serial predator, for the rumours have been flying for years, although one can only but ask why it has taken his victims so long to come forward?

Kevin Spacey has just possibly ended this phase of his career by allegations of historic impropriety which he has speedily blindsided saying it was his predilection all along. And certainly, spare a thought for Corey Feldman who lodged abuse claims with the Santa Barbara police department 25 years ago - only to have them ignored - and has been campaigning about abuse issues ever since.

Let's face it, from the Old style Hollywood moguls to predatory producers, abuse has always been the passport to the future There was even the great casting couch scandal of would-be-agents seducing young starlets in order to vie for the part of Scarlett O Hara, back in 1939, while of course, lets not even mention Fatty Arbuckle and Virginia Rappe at the turn of the 20's.

The film industry has always been bombarded with nubile young things of both sexes willing to give their all for the sake of a part, any part in films.


Far more serious here in the UK is the sudden sweep of sexual harassment cases that are surfacing almost daily in our own Parliament building, now upwards of 40 claims against MP's as of this morning.

Michael Fallon has been outed and accused as a knee patter, and our Trade Minister apart from worrying about our economic future is offing his secretary to buy marital toys in her lunch hour. Even Mr Speaker - who has certainly had problems of his own - has been saying that the house should clean its act up, but how can they when no matter which side of the political divide you sit on, everyone seems to have slept with everyone else.

But wait a minute, have we not heard all this before? From expense scandals past and present, down to Lords who are not too busy to accept daily attendance money, but cannot wait or be bothered to vote on the very statutes that affect our country that they are paid for. We are lectured on morals and alcohol consumption but we subsidise them on foreign trips and taxpayer fulled booze binges in the many bars in the house.

Nowhere and no one is free from taint, but surely we should Expect more from those that represent us?