We've seen it all before, too many times, someone in a powerful position exploiting those in a weaker position. After allegations erupted in the States last week over the Sexual Harassment endured by many women from Harvey Weinstein it now appears the whole industry has a lot to answer for, after surely turning a blind eye over the years.

So here's what we've heard so far. Three women accuse him of rape. Numerous others, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, have said Weinstein sexually harassed them. Many women have spoken out against him.

Not many men have. His wife has left him. He's been fired.

Where to start?

Deja vu

Let's start out with the feeling of deja vu with this story. It's like we are all waiting for something like this to happen again, just waiting for it, because we know it will happen. Here's a man who has power, lots of it. He's good pals (or was) with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, after probably donating a shit load of money for their political campaigns. So, are you going to stand up to a guy like that? Someone who could end a career before it's even started? I'm sure Weinstein chose his victims carefully, aspiring actresses, personal assistants, women who go under the radar in Hollywood, not prestigious names that are already in a powerful position (Jolie and Paltrow were still young up-and-coming actresses) that could stand up to him.

So it's more about the threat caused by Weinstein and the scare tactics in place to make these women complicit in his acts that make the whole thing a lot more worrying and sinister.

Such tactics are used by sexual predators, especially for the purpose of the abuse never to go public and remaining a secret. We've seen it all before - because if a woman was to stand up to such a powerful figure the whole thing could backfire on them and they are the ones who would be publicly shamed.

Let's just hope that Weinstein gets the punishment he deserves and the courts don't bottle under the weight of his power which I suspect may reach that far.

So, there's obviously a wider issue here. Men in power. Particularly men who have power in the film or TV world were roles are a lot more competitive than your average job.

So if the man in question knows the pressure the women are under to secure a role or a job in the film industry, he can take (or so he thinks) advantage of that and prey on those women whose every hopes and dreams rely on him. What a horrible man he is.

Speaking Out

Hollywood really needs to put a safeguarding barrier in place for not only young actresses but any woman who has a role to play in the film and TV industry, they need somewhere to turn and speak out. It wouldn't surprise me that after these latest revelations that more women will speak out not only against Weinstein but other powerful men in the movie world and the general workplace, were so often a blind eye gets turned. Hopefully, it will give women the confidence to speak out as it has done so many times in the past.