When Unite the Union called off their strike on August 16th, there was undoubtedly a unanimous feeling of joy that spread throughout Birmingham. But considering this was unlikely to be permanent, there was also a cynical suspicion that these strikes could resume again. Sadly, the latter happened.

The whole dispute has been an utter fiasco

Birmingham City Council's leadership has demonstrated nothing but sheer incompetence throughout the summer holidays this year. The Labour group that controls the City Council has established themselves as the most infamous local political group in the United Kingdom so far.

They have dithered and delayed substantial decisions that could rescue Birmingham's doomed waste management service as soon as possible. They were due to hold a meeting on August 24th to resolve the situation, but that got delayed until September 1st for a Special Council meeting. And then that got further postponed until September 13th. The whole dispute has been an utter fiasco.

Of course, it is unlikely that Labour has taken any responsibility for the issue. They have recently blamed the Conservative Government for their lack of funds. Regardless of whether one agrees services like waste services should be privatised across all local authorities, Westminster provided Birmingham City Council with a grant large enough to fund it.

Instead, like many Labour councils do, they squandered it on pointless measures like unenforceable 20 miles-per-hour speed bumps.

This City's reputation stinks

It is for these reasons that Councillor John Clancy, Leader of Birmingham City Council, should resign. His leadership has failed to drive through radical changes that Birmingham requires.

To earn united condemnation from councillors of all parties speaks volumes about his inability to lead the City which is a proud addition to Britain.

When Bill Clinton visited it during the 1990s, he once dubbed Birmingham as the UK's next capital city. If he saw the mess Councillor Clancy has created now, he would change his mind.

The City's reputation stinks. It is in tatters. If it is true about what residents say about the diseases the rats' flies carry, they will suffer as a result of Labour's mismanagement.

It is shocking that Councillor Clancy is still leading the Labour group. Why are their councillors not being more vocal about his failure? Why is there no pressure for him to resign from them? The only solution is for Labour to suffer the electorate's wrath at next year's council elections. This party has controlled Birmingham since 1984. Fresh leadership is needed to transform the City sooner rather than later.