Ideology has become a way for the financial and political elite to attack and control Society, at first it started to identify how people leaned but the lines are being purposefully blurred. Many assume that socialism and communism are one and the same, plus, fascism is often mixed up within that spectrum even though it is a far-right ideology not far-left. But most people have stances that vary from each subject matter to the next, for example someone could be socially liberal but economically conservative.

Ideology has been used to divide society into separate groups, this makes it easier for a ruling elite to continually market to specific groups and send a message that they want to hear.

These kinds of divisions make it easier to do this on mass.

Identity, societal divisions and control

Labels within society have existed throughout society for centuries and the last century has seen the numbers rise considerably. But why? A lot of them have been created to stoke divisions within society for example the class system that creates a privilege, where those with vast amounts of wealth often see themselves as better. Much like a lot of Conservative politicians, however, it isn’t just within the Conservative Party but present within all political parties. The use of labels to divide is unique to humans, much like the creation of borders.

Identity plays an important role in people’s lives and it gives individuals a Sense Of Purpose because many people would feel lost without that sense of purpose and often don’t feel as if they are in control.

Except the sense of control is a myth created by those with power. The idea that governments control what happens within society is the lie of the land. Financiers, economists and bankers control society. Example, the IMF and other global centralised banks control the credit rating of each nation, this decides the power each nation has when it comes to trade agreements etc.

The language of control

Governments adjust policy to fit around its ability to borrow and trade with other nations. They use marketing strategies and propaganda to ensure a population votes in a specific manner. This includes creating labels such as ‘immigrants’, ‘ex-pats’, ‘left-wing’, ‘right-wing’, ‘liberal’, ‘working-class’, ‘middle-class’ plus more.

Interestingly ‘immigrants’ and ‘ex-pats’ is an interesting use of language because you can be certain that migrants that the media talk about aren’t from Ireland, Australia or other white nations but those from nations who are ethnic minorities. Whereas, white British people who migrate to countries such as Spain are called ‘ex-pats’.

The words immigrant and migrant are now used to vilify minorities and this is an example of how labels have been used to divide society. Class is another interesting aspect of division because it doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter whether you are white, black, British or Polish, if you deemed within the working classes, it is likely that you are disposable to those with power.

The more labels we create, the more divisions are created. However, labels can also be used by communities to change the way society treats minorities, the LGBTQ community has done this, along with ethnic minorities. Political ideology is inherently pointless and terms ‘left-wing’ and ‘right-wing’ are too vague because humans think in different manners, no-one subscribes to one specific political ideology. Individuals will have ideas and have bracket they fit largely into.

The importance of education

The problem is throughout life, people’s views change based on experience and no-one starts life with the same views and holds them for the rest of their life unless you are not exposed to education and learning enough.

People aren’t taught about economics in school, they aren’t taught about tax and local politics, they aren’t taught what is important in the world and are often sheltered from other cultures, this helps constitute the environment of control. Education is important is important because the truly education can never be racist, a truly educated society cannot be controlled and would never subscribe to simplistic ideas such as ‘left-wing’, ‘right-wing’, and other ideologies but strive to create a truly equal society for humans all over the world.