Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has been described as "the most dangerous man in Britain." This is understandable considering he has publicly declared his IRA sympathies, called for armed insurrection and said at the Labour Party Conference yesterday that he is preparing a run on the pound to achieve his most radical policy aims. These include renationalising all public utilities and eradicating pre-existing Private Finance Initiative contracts in the NHS at the taxpayer's expense.

He has covered up his attendance at a fee-paying school to maintain credibility with his proletarian comrades

Guido Fawkes disclosed his background in private education in June this year. Mr. McDonnell is dangerous, not just because of his socialist vision, but because he is a liar. The Shadow Chancellor denied for half of the twentieth century that he was a pupil at St. Joseph's, a fee paying religious school. That is despite this institution disclosing him as alumnus. His official resume says that he attended Great Yarmouth Grammar School, leaving at the age of 17 and then underwent a series of unskilled jobs. It states he studied his A-Levels at Burnley Techincal College and at the age of 23, attended Brunel University to study a Bachelor of Science Degree in Government and Politics.

As the anti-establishment blog said, he has covered up his attendance at a fee-paying school to maintain credibility with his proletarian comrades.

However, that is not all he has lied about. Since he became an MP, Mr. McDonnell has opposed Britain's entry into the Common Market. After taking the reins of power in the Labour Party, he has refused to remain true to his principles.

Prior to June 23rd last year, he entered a pointless dialogue like Owen Jones and Caroline Lucas about creating a "social" Europe, whatever that means.

He has consistently lied about his true views on Brexit

Since then, he has consistently lied about his true views on Brexit. On Sunday, he informed Robert Peston that a Labour government may renegotiate the entire framework of the Single Market, scrapping the original four freedoms of capital, goods, services and people, mirroring French President Emmanuel Macron's calls to reform the EU.

According to business leaders who met with the Shadow Chancellor at a Labour Party Conference function, he openly suggested his party may support a second referendum, yet his sources close to the Evening Standard deny this.

John McDonnell is a threat to this country in many ways, but his record of lying makes him a danger to the bright future that lies ahead of Britain once it leaves the EU. He cannot be trusted on Brexit or anything else.