The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader was meant to herald the beginning of a new era of "honest politics." For the first time since 1980, the party had elected a "true socialist" who was "principled in his views." Yet that has failed to materialise into anything substantial. He claims to lead a party that represents "the many, not the few", yet his privileged background and education suggests he is anything but impoverished.

He is no different to our most dishonest representatives

Becoming Labour Leader has restricted him from being consistent on his past beliefs.

He campaigned to remain in the trading bloc last year to appease a predominantly Europhile party.This proves he is not an honest man; he is a liar. He is like any other politician; willing to say anything to achieve power. He is no different to our most dishonest representatives.

He has a track record of failure. His leadership has failed to create a more positive approach to politics. The left in this country have established a nasty political culture to the extent that famous Labour donor J.K. Rowling said her party has become "a cult." Even one Labour member announced on Twitter that they ripped up their membership card after serving as a loyal activist for years.

The Labour Leader has refused to tackle anti-Semitism in his own party and ignored the horrific child abuse in Labour strongholds from Muslim gangs.

He avoided tackling Venezuelan anarchy caused by his socialist allies and his links to the IRA and Hezbullah have failed to embarrass him, even though they should. This is not "kinder" politics.

No matter what Mr. Corbyn says or does, his followers fail to notice his ingenuity. Momentum remains as strong as ever. Students have not viewed his interview on The Andrew Marr Show following this year's election where he said he was never going to scrap tuition fees as a "betrayal" to the same extent they did with Nick Clegg.

The Labour Leader is prepared to betray his own voters on Brexit

With this record of deceit, it should come as no surprise that the Labour Leader is prepared to betray his own voters on Brexit. Many of them trusted him to implement a "hard" Brexit should he win power, but since then, he has changed his mind on the issue. He has flirted with the possibility of a second referendum to appease Europhiles, but campaigned on a "hard" Brexit ticket to win over traditional Labour voters.

He says there are positives in the process of leaving the trading bloc, but refuses to support a bill that will make Westminster sovereign again. This is despite opposing the EU for his entire political life.

Jeremy Corbyn does not represent any change to the establishment. He is the establishment. It is time people saw through this fake socialist messiah.